User Guide



1.) I, the seller, hereby declare my vaporization unit is fully operable and is completely void of defects, or I have made aware of any such defects. Such defects include missing parts, previously broken parts which have been fixed by seller – such as taped or glued, parts which do not function as originally intended or to a similar equivalent – such as heating components unable to achieve a sufficient standard or air components not operating at sufficient pressure.


2.) I understand reserves the right to return my vaporization unit or adjust the payment if unit arrives incomplete or in a different condition from the terms set forth in the purchase agreement. Under these circumstances, will contact and give seller ultimate discretion in choosing between the two options.


3.) I hereby declare that I am the owner of the device which I am selling or that I have full privileges to sell the unit. The unit is not stolen or property of another party who would contest the transaction set forth between the seller and


4.) is not responsible for any packages which are lost or arrive damaged due to mishandling or mishap from the carrier. Such incidents include but are not limited to stolen or lost packages, packages damaged by weather or natural disaster or units damaged in transit due to improper packaging.


5.) A return may be requested by the seller before the unit has arrived. If seller does request a return, return shipping will be provided by the seller as well as a 10% service fee of the amount paid to the seller.


6.) Seller has fourteen (14) business days to complete purchase agreement and ship the item from date of receiving purchase agreement, or may cancel transaction.


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